Five dog myths BUSTED


Whenever I walk my greyhound he draws attention, I am never sure if people think he is elegant and beautiful or if they just think he looks funny somehow he can be all of that rolled into one, but something I’ve noticed is people who pet him always seem to think he is a high energy dog who would be a handful to own… so I have been inspired to bust some of those odd little dog myths and wives tales out there. Here are my top 5!

  1. Greyhounds are high energy playful and dangerous. BUSTED
    Greyhounds are total lounge lizards and love nothing more than a cuddle on a warm couch, they can be playful and have bursts of energy but after a quick game of fetch its back to the couch. All dogs have the potential to be dangerous and as greyhounds are from the sighthound family there is an added risk of them chasing small animals for the most part they are lovable gentle giants and I am yet to run into an aggressive one (not to say they don’t exist). Our boy even lives with two cats but not all of them can.
  2. Smaller dogs need less exercise. BUSTED
    As a trainer I see people who have fallen for this countless times a week, and it can be messy! Smaller dogs can be just as energetic if not more than there larger canine friends, some larger dogs are in fact much more docile than smaller ones  for example Great Danes, Mastiffs and Greyhounds need much less of a work out than your miniature poodle, jack Russel and fox terrier. If you want a lazy dog look very carefully at breed information pages and talk with your breeder or rescue group.
  3. Mutts are healthier than purebreds or Vis versa. BUSTED
    This debate rages on throughout the dog community around the world but the simple facts are the statement is too broad and sweeping and we don’t have near enough data to know if it is true. At the end of the day you can get healthy mutts and unhealthy mutts and the same for purebred dogs the only way to prevent this is with clever breeding and health testing. Breeding two unhealthy dogs pure or mutt will not make a healthy litter and it should be the goal of any breeder mixed or pure to be aiming to make healthy thriving puppies.
  4. When a puppy has an accident rub their nose in it to make them stop. BUSTED
    This is an old wives tale I have heard a million times and it just doesn’t work! The puppy doesn’t get it and is just left confused. Puppies who have had this done to them will most likely just try to hide where they have their accidents so you can’t catch them to rub their nose in it. But don’t worry I will have a post up to help with toilet training very soon. I know it can be hard!
  5. Pitbulls are too dangerous to own OR Pitbulls are misunderstood and are all harmless. BUSTED
    Both comments are wrong they are so broad and sweeping it neither could possibly apply to each Pitbull out there. Now I think in the right hands a Pitbull can thrive have an awesome life and be a great pet, But this is not to say that there are not dangerous Pitbulls out there and they have a built in natural instinct for dog aggression which is very unfortunate and truly a man-made issue in the breed but it is something a good owner can accept, cater for and still have an awesome long trouble free life with their dog. 

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