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On the Jetpets website they claim to be Australia’s leading pet travel experts but Anne Rewai, Arjun Sivadesan and a crowd of disgruntled pet owners would have a very different story to tell.

On Friday Anne Rewai learnt the devastating news that her ‘big boy’ beloved Nui had passed away during a flight from Bunbury Western Australia to Wellington New Zealand. Anne was appalled with the treatment of the situation, taking to the Jetpets Facebook page to air her concerns.

“I am deeply distraught & utterly disappointed in the way Melbourne office have handled this whole affair”

Pictured Nui 

Jet Pets released a statement stating 'Unfortunately Nui was found deceased upon arrival in Auckland. Initial findings indicate Nui passed from natural causes and the final post mortem results will be available in the coming days.' This all comes as little comfort to Anne who is missing her beloved Bulldog. The troubling issue is the lack of communication and compassion from Jetpets dogs can become injured during flight and this could have been unavoidable but communication to the owners swiftly should be a top priority. 

Over the weekend Jet Pets had another horrific incident. Arjun Sivadesan’s beloved Golden Retriever Calvin was traveling from Melbourne to Brisbane. Calvin a seasoned traveler having racked up over $20,000 in transport expenses in the 4 and a half years since Mr. Sivadesan purchased him as a puppy. From India to Melbourne via Singapore this pooch is no stranger to long flights. Unfortunately when he touched down in Brisbane on Saturday something had gone terribly wrong.

“It was a tragic sight when I saw him. He was in a world of pain and not walking much”

Rather than spend a fun afternoon playing at the park as planned Mr. Sivadesan rushed to an emergency vet as soon as he picked his beloved dog up from the airport.

Pictured Calvin bloody and exhausted 

A Qantas freight staff alerted Jetpets to Calvin’s condition upon landing in Brisbane, A representative contacted Mr. Sivadesan and told him

“Something has happened. Your pet obtained some injuries. It looks like he was scratching at the door and lost a toe nail”

Upon inspection it was immediately clear he had lost four nails and was covered in blood, the crate he was transported in was also covered in his blood. Mr. Sivadesan was shocked at his dog’s actions due to previously never having issues while flying. Mr. Sivadesan noted the previous flights Calvin had taken were all with other companies. These companies provided regular updates and photos of Calvin’s progress, they even gave Calvin some exercise before boarding flights to ensure he would be calm,

“I expected the same from Jetpets and this didn’t happen”

Pictured Calvins bloody crate

Mr. Sivadesan Was left extremely distressed with the companies handling of the situation he requested to be contacted when Calvin had boarded the flight and was never called. When he questioned Jetpets about this they said a text had been send, unfortunately Mr. Sivadesan never received this text.

“Jetpets said: ‘We did all we could to ensure a safe flight’. I asked if they felt the responsibility ended when they boarded the aircraft but they kept dodging the question.”

Unfortunately the trouble doesn’t seem to end with these two dogs. According to Productreview.com.au out of the 22 reviews Jetpets has 11 are in the ‘terrible’ category that’s 50%! The most recent review from Dec 2015 gives a ‘good’ score for customer service but they explain their dog sustained an injury during transit.

“At some point from our dog’s trip from Victoria to Queensland she received a nasty tear along the left ear”

One customer states they were sent the wrong cat!

“My Birman kitten was sent from Sydney to someone else in Perth, while I was given someone else's Siamese here in Adelaide. It took a lot of phone calls and tears to get it sorted. I received my kitten the following day, after she had to be flown back to Adelaide, she was traumatized by the excessive travel.”

Another Disgruntled customer had this to say

“This company are just greedy for money and see a pick up service as a hassle. After spending 3 hours trying to sort this out, I insisted on a refund, called Virgin myself & booked my pups on the flight for $55 each. I would NEVER recommend Jetpets to anyone.”

Another review states

“I would NEVER suggest to anyone to use either Jetpets Melbourne.” “Ever since this episode I now have a Border Collie who has gone from loving the car, to vomiting every time we take him out. His experience and mine have been somewhat left to be desired.”

There is an alarming pattern within the reviews; pets being injured, pets put on the wrong flights, extreme delays and suspicions of a lack of care put in by the Jetpet staff. The quality of services comes into question with so many review titles such as 'Trip to hell', 'I will never fly my pets with Jetpets again.', 'Disgusting and incompetent', and 'Worst experience worst service terrible'.

When looking at Jetpets’ major competitor Dogtainers transport the story seems completely different with 25 reviews in total. Every review is a five star review! One customer even says

“10/10 Dogtainers!!! NEVER GOING BACK TO JETPETS!”

another happy customer says

“We got two quotes and Dogtainers came in cheaper and the service was out of this world, photos, text messages, mini movies and constant updates, mix this in with real service excellence and Dogtainers beat the competition hands down.”

Traveling with pets is a stressful process and it is important to feel like your companions are being well cared for. My top tips are to, read reviews about the companies you are thinking of using, start training your pets to be calm in a crate, ask around on forums and even Facebook groups, and lastly be very specific about your plans and your animal’s needs.

Wishing everyone safe travels!

(Little Woofs & this article has no affiliation with either Jetpets or Dogtainers. Reviews quoted in this article are linked below)

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