Purebred Vs Mutts; The great debate!


The purebred Vs mutt debate has been around longer than I have been alive and there are so many different sides and arguments to the story. The biggest controversy tends to be surrounding health. While some claim purebred dogs have better health others day the diversity in the gene pool of mutts make them the healthier choice.

An amazing dog blogger under the name ‘Impish Iggies’  who owns two purebred beautiful Italian Greyhounds, has summed up this argument beautifully in what I think is a fabulously researched piece.

After reading this you will be astounded at some of the breeding practices used!


At the end of the day everyone thinks their dog is the most perfect ball of fluff and doggy smiles in the world and you know what, they really are. Your dog is perfect for you be it a purebred or a street hound mutt, if he/she can made you smile on your worst day then your dog is perfect for you. 


(pictured above Jedd Bear the lab x Greyhound Magical Mutt) 

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