Quick guide: Stop Jumping dogs


Always remember

  • Any attention is good attention, pushing away or smacking the dog will only encourage it to jump more
  • Make sure you start training in a low distraction environment, for example inside the home or in your yard
  • When starting to train a dog not to jump always start with just yourself and have other people give it a go once the behaviour not to jump has been learnt, this will reinforce that your dog is not allowed to jump on guests
  • Make sure your dog has had enough exercise before starting to train. Go for a run with him/her or try some mental stimulation games e.g. a Kong or dog IQ games

Step one:
Walk slowly into the area where your dog is, have your hands at your sides, do not make eye contact with the dog and do not talk to them. The dog will try and jump on you keep walking forwards or turn away ignore the dog.

Step two:
The dog will calm down eventually and as soon as they stop jumping and look at you give him/her a big reward this may be a treat, toy or cuddles and attention all three treats are great to use make sure you rotate them around to keep this interesting and worthwhile for the dog.

Step three:
Be consistent always use the same method don’t hit or yell at the dog as this will only confuse him/her and every time your dog jumps make sure you follow the steps, it may take some time for your dog to stop ‘seeing what he/she can get away with’ but the new non jumping behaviour will be a quick one to learn if all steps are followed correctly.


Trouble shooting is he/she still jumping up?!

  • Go back a step if he/she is jumping up on your kids or guests work through the steps with just yourself a few more times, and ensure your kids and guest know to ignore the jumping behaviour
  • Make sure everyone who comes into contact with your dog knows he/she may jump and tell them the steps to take help train him/her, once your dog sees someone who is more responsive when they jump up they will be more likely to continue the behaviour.
  • Make sure you give absolutely zero attention to a jumping dog no eye contact and don’t say a word to them. Just walk away.
  • If the behaviour persists leave the room or yard so he/she physically can’t get to you after a minute go get him/her and try again
  • Ensure your dog is getting enough exercise jumping can be a sign of a dog who isn’t working out all of their energy, try taking the dog for a good run before training or guests come over.

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