Top six Kong fillers


I absolutely love Kongs they can be such a life saver. There have been so many situations where a Kong has been my saving grace. When I first started as a dog trainer I was working from my garage. I had to keep my two dogs occupied in the house with something more exciting than strange dog smell while I worked. I honestly don’t think any of my furniture would have made it through those months without being destroyed by bored dogs, if I didn’t have Kongs as a yummy distraction. So here are my all-time favourite Kong fillers!

*if you are giving your dog a Kong remember to subtract whatever you fill it with from their daily intake to make sure they are not over eating, and always take your dog’s allergies needs into consideration before giving them a new treat*

1. Beef stock and small treats
This one is my personal favourite. Being an Aussie girl I live essentially on the surface of the sun, we have no air con and my dogs are breeds prone to overheating. A frozen treat is always nice to cool the boys down. I take a bit of mince from their dinner or some treats (I love the VIP nature’s goodness grain free treats) and cut them into small squares about the size of my pinkie finger nail. I block the small hole in the end of the Kong with foil or glad wrap, drop the treats in, fill with Stock and freeze. Make sure to unblock the end when you give it to the dog. This is very important as with the second hole blocked it can create a suction on the tongue which can be fatal.

2. Frozen blue berries and apple sauce
Dogs can eat a lot of different fruits and our boys just love berries we like to use frozen ones to help them cool off but as an added benefit when they are frozen and firm it can take more effort for the dog to get all of the treats out which gives you more time to get work done or other boring non dog related tasks. Frozen berries also tend to be less juicy and therefore less messy.

3. Frozen smoothie
This one I made up because I had quite a bit of my smoothie leftover in the blender one day and all of the ingredients were dog friendly. So I filled the boys Kongs up and froze them, the ingredients are Apple sauce, bananas, yogurt and peanut butter. Yummy for everyone involved!

4. The overweight dog Kong
Now this one is good for those dogs who you don’t want to give too many treats to but you want them to have something yummy to eat and fun to do. Its super simple just mix part of their regular kibble with a few small chunks of apple, if you want to make it harder for them to get the treats out just pour over some stock and freeze. (If you raw feed you can just put some of their dinner in the Kong too)

5. CCC
This one can be messy to make and eat but it is very appealing for dogs. The ingredients are Chicken mince, carrot chunks and cream cheese, my boys love it! First fill the bottom with chicken mince then put diced carrot on top then cover with a little cream cheese, to make it a bit harder for them to get the treats out.

6 . The old faithful
Peanut butter, you can’t go wrong with a peanut butter Kong I am yet to meet a dog who will turn their nose up at a peanut butter Kong. This is a quick and easy one to make just stuff the Kong with Peanut butter.

I absolutely love Kongs and recommend them to everyone I can have fun with the fillings keep it interesting and let me know what works for your dogs and what doesn’t. A good tip is to either buy a baby bottle cleaner or use your dishwasher to clean out the Kongs it can be really hard to clean Kongs out without these things and its always best to make sure there is no off foods left behind after your pup is done. 

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  • Chelsea 15.02.16

    I love this! Thanks for sharing! We are big on peanut butter and ground meats (turkey, chicken, beef), but I never thought of the CCC or fruit fillers!

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