What a new puppy needs


So you have picked out your new best friend and he/she is just so cute! Don’t be blinded by cuteness it’s time to get down to business you need to be ready for this bundle of mayhem to come home. Wouldn’t you rather spend your first days together cuddling, playing and bonding rather than rushing around to get things for the pup?

Puppies need a surprising amount of things. You need to consider how you are going to raise them before buying things, for example if you don’t want to crate train your dog don’t buy a crate. Think first buy second, and even if you do buy something keep the receipt until the pup comes home just in case you buy something and never end up using it.

Here are my basic needs for a new pup!

  • A good crate if you want to crate train.
    Crate training can be hard work but it is really handy to have a crate to keep puppy out of trouble at night or if you duck out. Crates are not a baby sitter and shouldn’t be used all day and night but can be a great tool and give the puppy a happy safe place if used correctly. Which is great for people with young kids. Even puppies need respite sometimes!
  • Healthy and yummy dog food.
    This is hugely important. What you feed your dog is completely up to you. If you do want to feed them a new diet it may be best to get some of the food the puppy was previously eating to transfer them onto the new diet slowly. Research the foods ingredients and the daily intake for a puppy of your particular breed make sure you know what they are eating and if they are getting enough.
  • Bedding.
    Something soft is usually the way to go. You can get dog beds anywhere, we have very fluffy warm beds for our dogs because they have very little body fat and love to be warm. Puppies are silly and they may chew on, poop on or pee on their bed don’t stress too much, all puppies do it. Washable materials are great for this reason.
    You probably don’t need to get them all of them, but having a few toys with different textures really helps! All puppies chew and bite and you will need distractions to save your furniture, shoes, hands and valuables from puppy chewing and biting. Chewing is how puppies investigate the world and play. The best way to build a strong bond with your puppy is through play, to save your hands chew toys are a must.
  • Pee pads, if that’s how you want to toilet train
    This one is optional it’s up to you if you want to use them or not. I personally am not a huge fan and prefer to take the trek to the yard from the start this saves the transition from pee pad to yard. However I live somewhere that makes this a very easy thing to do. Apartment living may rule that option out for you as it is safer too keep puppies inside or in a private yard before all vaccinations have been administered.
  • A leash and collar.
    I recommend a flat collar and leash. You can also get a harness it’s up to you, both are great if you ask me. I see no need for a puppy to have a choker chain, e-collar or prong collar. Start teaching them to walk on a leash as soon as you can and be consistent. Do this you will hopefully never have to even consider getting them a collar that causes pain. If you have a sighthound you should look into a martingale collar, these are specially designed so the dog can’t slip out of them. Sighthounds are known for slipping out of collars and harnesses due to their distinct body shape. This is the only harness I have found to be slip proof for my sighthounds 'Click here'
  • Treats.
    You will go through a lot of these in the training process make sure you get healthy ones that are easy to chew for little puppy mouths. Try to avoid over treating we don’t want an overweight puppy! Remember to subtract any treats out of their daily intake of food. VIP Natures goodness make fantastic treats they are soft and healthy.
  • ID tag.
    This is so important. Make sure you microchip your dog and get an ID tag for their collar. This way at a glance someone can see your name and phone number if your pup escapes.
  • Grooming tools.
    If you decide your dog will go to the groomer for all of their grooming needs then disregard this point. If not make sure you have doggy shampoo, nail clippers and brushes. Research what your puppy will need in regards to grooming before buying your grooming tools as different breeds have different grooming needs.
  • Flea, tick and worm preventers.
    These can be found at vets, pet shops and some grocery store. They come in lots of different varieties and brands. Talk to your vet about them and look at reviews to make an informed choice. This choice is completely up to you my only advice it if you have cats stay away from Advantix because it is toxic to cats. Advantix is a good product but unfortunately I have seen first had its effects on cats – it is not pretty!

I hope this helps and enjoy that new bundle of joy!

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  • Chelsea 15.02.16

    Shout out to "all the chew toys you can get!" There will never be enough in my house.

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