Why is my greyhound going bald?


If you are familiar with Greyhounds as a breed you may be aware of BTS or bald thigh syndrome, a condition which has perplexed Greyhound owners, trainers, and adoption groups since racing came about.

BTS is an alopecic (hair loss) condition that is non itchy and does not cause inflammation which originates on the thigh and back of legs on a greyhound, the condition can also effect the belly, neck and behind the ears. Greyhounds of any age or sex can be effected although, black or darker coloured Greyhounds are more prone to this syndrome.

The cause of BTS is widely debated across the racing community at first it was thought to be the result of dogs rubbing against their crates, stress, laying on hard surfaces for too long, or even thyroid issues although recently a link between the over production of a hormone called Cortisol and BTS would suggest the issue is of a metabolic nature. Some dogs experience BTS only during their racing careers and it clears up quickly after woods others however experience this in pet homes or never grow the hair back.

Many suggest fish oils, eggs, special creams and concoctions to clear up the baldness but most hounds will grow back the hair on their own given enough time, apart from production a nice shiny coat and a smile at dinner time fish oils and eggs won’t benefit their regrowth.

All that is certain about BTS is the issue is purely cosmetic the dog experiences no pain or discomfort so don’t stress about your hounds shiny hiney! 

(Pitcured Murphy the Baldest Butt winner)

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