In terms of eCommerce, integration refers to bringing together your sales system and your accounting package (and potentially other systems) so they can automatically pass information between one another.


Inzant Websites can automatically pass sales orders into your accounts package, and update the customers and products from your accounts package. The benefits of integration are straightforward and many. It saves significant time, as no orders will have to be keyed into the accounts system (or “double handled”) and the sales person or end user will always have up-to-date product and customer information with no effort required. Accuracy and transparency for all system users are also much improved.


What systems or software can Inzant integrate with?


If the software or system in question has the capabilities to provide or accept information, we can certainly integrate with it. We have extensive integration experience with many different types of Accounting/ERP systems and Web Services. Contact Us to discuss how we can help you integrate your Sales systems.

Iinzant plays well with others